American Dream Program

Our Vision

Our company has changed it's vision as of May 1st 2013. Why? Because the "truck sale" is not the only thing that is important to us.

Sure- we're Not your average truck dealer

Most traditional heavy duty truck dealers don't really care about the American Owner-Operator. They only care about the all mighty dollar. Other truck dealers make so much money in their service & parts department, it carries the dealership. They don't even need to sell trucks. The repairs are so expensive one visit breaks the trucker, leaving the driver stranded. But lets re-visit this because we have a solution!

We know that when a customer calls, their dream is to become an independent business owner and one day owning there own trucking company.

...And This is exactly our new direction!

Getting through the hurdles.

"So lets talk about the hurdles that our trucking customer has to jump through.."

  • First finding a haul company that pays more of the money collected to the trucker-
    Giving you the share you deserve!

  • Secondly,The truck? Where to get a truck? This is a huge question for the trucker.
    Our company will put you in a truck with No Credit Check. We don't stop with just providing a good truck.
    Our company has seasoned-successful owner-operators on staff. They understand the trucking industry. They are here to help us help you.
    We have adopted programs that will help keep you profitable. The service is free for you to use. If you can't find a haul company to pay you the money your looking for, you will be smiling after you talk to our team.

  • Our service locations are dedicated only to our customer.
    We do not take in outside work.
    Our lead technicians are factory trained with certification. When it comes time to plug into the truck computer, it's no problem for us.
    We have spent millions of dollars on our service commitment and you will see it when you visit us.

      ...Getting back to the semi.

Our company's main focus is a truck that is in tip-top shape. So we Certify the powertrain to be in top shape.

We even place a First 7 Days Power Protection Plan that is "Nation-Wide". We don't have a claims adjuster trying to find a way not to pay, we pay it...! Our Powertrain team does it all.

We ask you to please stay around one of our locations for 3 or 4 days when you take delivery so if we miss something that may need attention, we can immediately fix it to make your truck run smooth and perfect for you. We even follow up our commitment with a 48 month 50/50 power protection plan, and it is the best in the country.

If you find the cost of IRP tags and 2290's high, we can help. We provide a service that covers the upfront expense, later to be repaid in payments, helping your cash flow.

We realize that if you don't succeed we fail. We will work with you in every way we can. Your credit is good here.

Ours is a No Credit Check program. Whether prior bankruptcy, Tax Liens, Credit Card Charge Offs, we still don't care. You are approved.

Our company has a new vision, we are taking a new direction, with all new faces even more locations coming...

American Truck Group, LLC.
Call Our Team Today.
For down payments, cash or trade-in's are welcome.
Trucks, Car's even motorbikes are all ok.
We have payments you can afford.
Let us negotiate a payment for you.


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